Show Some Skin The Sophisticated Way With A (Semi) Backless Top

by Ida Hsiang • Aug 26, 2009 8:24 AM PDT

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Show Some Skin The Sophisticated Way With A (Semi) Backless Top

If you've got it, flaunt it, right? Not if you're going to work or school. Or if it's too cold out. Or if flaunting it for the world to see just isn't your thing. So then what? If you don't want to don micro-minis and plunging halter necks, does that mean you're left with super-conservative, matronly garments? Far from it! The woman's back is an alluring area that up until recently was overshadowed by the more outwardly seductive legs, decolletage and derriere. However, as we get more mature, so do our everyday tasks and personal style. I'm still a sucker for a hot mini-skirt, but looking fly is no longer my only concern. A great way to cover all grounds is to uncover your back! Backless tops and dresses are a perfectly elegant and sophisticated way to show off your toned back and effeminate side while still staying appropriate for various occasions! Another bonus? The backless look makes your frame seem leaner and thinner! Check out the slideshow for some sexy, backless favorites!

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  • susanmcneill6 says

    Love the brown patterned dress from Anthropologie! I can see wearing it with a jacket for day and just taking off the jacket for some nightime fun!

    92 months ago