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Nails Inc Arrives At Sephora With Lacquers From London!

For some reason, American pop culture seems obsessed with our pals overseas. Maybe it's the sexy accents or the simple allure of the unfamiliar, but British TV hosts, singers, actors have taken over the airwaves and the big screen alike.

And the same can be said for our preferred beauty brands - namely nail polish lines! Edgy Illamasqua and the more demure Butter London have already made waves among beauty mavens in the USA, and now Brit-based Nails Inc. has touched down in Sephora stores all over the nation!

Boasting one of the most impressive varieties of hues and finishes we've ever seen (and that's saying a lot!) - from glossy cream shades to shiny metallics and high-impact glitter, it's tough not to be intrigued by what Nails Inc has to offer the makeup superstore!

Either way, if it's good enough to grace the hands of models strutting the catwalks during London Fashion Week and covers of high-fashion magazine covers - not to mention compete with Sephora and OPI's own nail polish line - it's definitely worth taking a gander!

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L'Occitane Pivoine Flora Lip Shine - For Soothed, Shiny, Scented Lips!

Let's get something straight - the last thing my makeup collection needs is another lip gloss that I obsessively collect but won't actually use.

But if you're a gloss fiend like me, you know you're inevitably going to buy more lip products despite your better judgment, so the least you can do is limit your spending to quality products that multitask!

Take L'Occitane's Pivoine Flora Lip Shine, for instance. The shimmery, lightweight formula, which ranges in shade from shiny nude to ripe ruby red, doesn't just provide the perfect sheen of flattering tint, but also pampers lips with soothing properties for a smooth application and soothed lips!

Infused with peony extract, the Pivoine Flora non-sticky gloss contains peony extract for a delicate floral scent and to protect and pamper lips, helping them look and feel fabulously smooth the more you wear it! If this triple-duty lip shine isn't worth adding to your never-ending collection of makeup, you might as well give up the gloss cold turkey!

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Go (Almost) Naked With Shimmery Neutral Nails

If it wasn't already apparent that nude nail polishes were the new nude pumps (in other words, ridiculously and fabulously on-trend), Kate Middleton really hit the point home by rockin' a creamy beige manicure during her very stylish North American travels.

But let's face it - nail trends have an overwhelmingly quick turnaround rate that even the biggest beauty mavens can hardly keep up with, and we edgy American girls are ready to move on to the next new nail thing! However, we're not ready to completely move on from the sexy neutral look, so we're willing to find a fashion-forward happy medium: shimmery nude polishes!

With a similar barely-there look but with a little extra va-va-voom, the nude polish trend takes things a step further with sun-reflective shimmer that ranges from subtle to shiny and chunky. If skin-tone polishes were a little too safe for you, these amped-up shimmery and glittery versions are bound to suit your fancy!

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It's Time For Hot Summer Accessory - White Watches!

Given society's obsession with gadgets - cell phones, netbooks, PDAs, tablets, you name it - wristwatches have inevitably become more or less obsolete.

However, despite being almost completely unnecessary function-wise, some things will never go out of style and the watch never has to worry about being fazed out of the fashion spectrum! While candy-colored brights and neon watches served as a fun pop of color to everyone's summer outfits last year, this season things are getting white-hot!

White watches manage to be funky yet refined at the same time - while they may not be neon, their stark whiteness looks bright against a summer tan (and it goes with everything!), and its over-sized, chunky silhouette makes a statement.

Go playful with colorful accents, pick something sporty with perforated texture, or ice yourself out with crystal embellishments!

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Your Favorite Cocktails (Sans The Calories!) With Marc Jacobs Cocktail Splash Collection

Ginger, cranberry, and curacao - now the refreshing mix-ins from your favorite summer cocktails can actually be spritzed on as your newest signature scent!

The newest cologne spray from Marc Jacobs - the Cocktail Splash Collection, is a limited-edition, just-for-summer-2011 series of sexy scents that channel some of our favorite cocktails and mocktails for the season.

Designed by perfumer, Yann Vasnier, these scents are light enough to spritz on for frequent touch-ups during the day without feeling like you're over-scenting yourself, and are fun, festive, and refreshing for the season without screaming 'summer' like many fruity and citrusy-inspired scents. Plus, they look gorgeous on your shelf!

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Summer Must-Have - The Convertible Maxi Dress/Skirt!

No matter how far ahead I start scoping out the warm-weather trends or how diligent I am when it comes to fleshing out my summer wardrobe, accessories included, I know what will inevitably happen.

When summer actually hits - in all its sunny, sweltering glory - I'll only actually end up wearing the smallest possible fraction of my new clothing, opting instead for whatever's most comfortable, familiar, and flattering ... and saving the rest for the rare special occasion when I€™m willing to branch out.

That's why this time around, I'm attempting to narrow down my seasonal shopping to investment pieces that are stylish, comfy, and totally versatile ... and what's more versatile than a convertible skirt-turned-maxi-dress?

I spotted this Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent floral skirt/dress at Bloomingdales and instantly fell in love. It's romantic and pretty, but unlike many of this season's show-stopping maxi dresses, it's not the kind of outfit that you can only take pictures in once and then must keep in hibernation until everyone forgets you wore it. It's pretty without being too conspicuous, and can easily be dressed up and revamped into a totally new look, whether you're rocking it as a skirt with a pretty blouse, as a halter or strapless dress with a pair of platform espadrilles. Or even over a swimsuit at the beach or poolside!

With so many different ways to wear it and dress it up or down, a convertible skirt/dress like this one can easily become your summer 2011 style staple!

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Jo Malone Tea Blends Fragrances For a Refreshing, Signature Spring Scent

As a working gal with a nonstop schedule, I rarely have time to feed myself, let alone find ways to relax and unwind. Sure, I find time to sneak in the occasional 3 PM coffee break (if I didn't, I'd likely crash right at my desk), but how the English consistently make time for traditional afternoon tea is beyond me!

Luckily you can channel the British's genius winding-down ritual and get a similar peace of mind, no matter how packed your to-do list is, with a tea-time inspired fragrance from Jo Malone.

The brand's new Tea Blend Fragrances feature 5 distinct scents - Assam & Grapefruit, Earl Grey & Cucumber, Sweet Milk, Sweet Lemon, and Fresh Mint Leaf - all designed to channel that refreshing, calming, and invigorating feeling that accompanies the tradition where everything stops for tea.

These scents may not help you physically escape your endless meetings and presentations, but I'll embrace any fragrance that will help give me that much-needed daily pick-me-up and help me smell pretty in the process!

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Ashley Pittman Spring 2011 Collection - Stylish, Socially Conscious Jewelry!

As if you need an excuse to shop for spring accessories, designer Ashley Pittman just made holding back in the jewelry department a whole lot harder!

The mastermind behind the jewelry line has recently launched her Spring 2011 collection, a chic assortment of hand-crafted cuffs, earrings, necklaces, and charms made from horn, bronze, and semi-stones for a complete spring line that manages to look both sophisticated and organic.

But aside from looking gorgeous, Ashley Pittman's jewelry is socially conscious to boot (we€™re talkin' guilt-free shopping here, ladies). Hand-crafted in Kenya, the line's jewelry production has helped provide jobs to artisans in troubled villages, incorporates fair-trade materials, and even donates 10% of its profits to school funding in Kamboo.

It's hard to say no to beautiful accessories that showcase untapped talent and truly give back! Find out more about Ashley Pittman€™s designs and her dedication to the cause on her official website!

Pictured - Assorted-Charm Necklace, Hazy Cuff Bracelet, Dark Horn & Bronze Bangle Set, and Majani Coin & Horn Earrings.

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Peter Thomas Roth's 'Dragon's Blood' Complex Fights Back Against The Signs of Aging Skin!

If you're sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen and his 'tiger€™s blood' (if you don't know what I'm talking about, spare yourself and don't Google it), maybe you'll find more meaning in skin care maven Peter Thomas Roth's Dragon's Blood.

The line€™s new Laser-Free Resurfacer incorporates a very magical-sounding ingredient to create very real results that attempt to reverse the signs of aging without expensive laser treatments, and boasts a visible difference in skin's appearance even after the initial application!
Dragon's Blood, a red extract from the Amazon's Croton Lechleri tree (since when do all the best skin care ingredients come from the Amazon?!) is said to accelerate skin repair by improving texture and tone that normally deteriorates over time due to sun, environmental damage, and the natural effects of aging. In other words, with regular use of this serum, you can apparently lessen the look of wrinkles and fine lines by over 50% in 4 weeks!

For $75, it's not exactly a steal, but if it works as well as it claims to, it certainly beats going under the laser!

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Tarte Takes a Tip From The Tropics with Their Amazonian Clay Set!

I know the idea of pampering yourself with clay sounds a bit strange, but don't pretend you haven't heard it before. Facials, clay masks, mud baths - there's something about getting dirty in the spa that makes your skin look and feel impeccably clean and smooth!

Now the makeup mavens at Tarte Cosmetics have picked up on what skincare experts have known for ages - clay neutralizes finicky, temperamental skin, so whether you're battling oiliness, dryness, shininess, or a combo of facial woes, clay-infused beauty products help balance your skin concerns to ensure that your makeup wears longer and looks flawless. Not convinced? Check out Sephora's Amazonian Clay Discovery set by Tarte to test out a slew of their clay products and see for yourself.

Including an EmphasEYES Shadow Stick, Waterproof Liner, 12-hour Blush, Smooth Operator finishing powder, and their original best-selling Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara to top it all off - it's still your same favorite Tarte products, but with new long-wearing benefits. After all, the clay traveled all the way from the Amazon River - at $39, the least you could do is take these ground-breaking beauty products for a test-run!

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