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Emilio Pucci Vivara Variazioni Perfume

Enter the world of Emilio Pucci perfumes this season and you will undoubtedly think of the Mediterranean.

There are lush greens, deep blues and hot sandy beaches in this land and Pucci has created three vibrant scents to take you there with the Vivara Varianioni line.

Verde 072 is a lovely, fresh floral with a top note of mint leaf and citrusy bergamot. A hint of Turkish rose is at its heart and a woodsy cedar rounds it out. The stylish green Pucci print is classic and makes one think of the sunlight playing off the sea.

Acqua 330 is all about the water. The blue designed bottle contains a fragrance full of violet, jasmine and frangipani blossom with a delicate sea salt added. This on is all about the sun, sea and light.

Sabbia 167 is hot. It is hues of orange and pink and thoughts of sun reflecting off sandy Mediterranean beaches. It starts off soft and sweet with a mandarin breeze and comes together with sweet praline, Florentine iris and a base of sandlewood for a smooth and full scent.

Each Emilio Pucci Vivara Variazioni perfume is bottled and topped with a classic Pucci print that is a tribute to the gorgeous, sunny world of the Mediterranean.

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Karma Organics - Organic Nail Polish & Polish Remover

Going organic doesn't have to mean sacrificing beauty rituals like polishing your nails. Karma Organic has a line of non-toxic, chemical and cruelty free nail products.

Karma Organic nail polish does not contain Toluene, formaldehyde or DBP which means it's safe for pregnant women, children, cancer patients and allergy sufferers. Karma Organic is non-yellowing and chip-resistant. Packaged in 100% recyclable bottles, it comes in a variety of different colors with a retail price of around $10 per bottle.

Worried about how to remove the polish? There's organic nail polish remover too! Made from biodegradable soy-based products, you'll be able to remove the polish without harsh and unnecessary chemicals. Choose from lavender or tea tree oil varieties. The remover retails for around $12 a bottle.

Grill Daddy - A Fancy Gadget to Keep Your Grill Clean

Grilling season isn't over yet (it's barely started!) but even when the time comes, you'll want to put the grill away ready to go for next season.

A great gadget sure to help you get the job done right is the Grill Daddy. With it's gravity fed steam cleaning action, it will loosen and remove baked on grease and grime. The heavy duty stainless steel bristles stand up to this tough job. A polished airplane grade aluminum alloy frame offers an ergonomic grip, keeps hands cool and resists corrosion.

The Grill Daddy is safe to use on steel, iron and porcelain grills. Made with FDA approved materials, the brushes are removable, replaceable and dishwasher safe.

The Grill Daddy platinum edition (pictured here) retails for around $60.

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Father's Day - Daddy's Gearing Up for Little All Star Gift Set

Sometimes new dads can feel left out when preparing for the arrival of their baby. Co-ed showers are on the rise to help dads get more involved and excited about their new baby.

A 'Daddy's Gearing Up for the Little All Star' is the perfect shower or Father's Day gift for expectant dads.

The gift set includes a green paper football 'helmet' with the phrase 'daddy€™s gearing up for his little all star' printed on the side and a matching paper 'football' filled with all of the diaper-changing supplies the new daddy will need:

* diapers
* changing pad
* wet wipes
* baby powder
* baby lotion
* baby wash
* baby shampoo
* diaper rash cream.

The helmet arrives unassembled with instructions on how to put it together which takes about 5 minutes. Surprise dad with this fun and practical gift! The Daddy's Gearing Up gift set retails for around $30.

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For Dads Who Barbecue - Monogrammed Steak Brand & Cutting Board

Father's Day is just around the corner. If Dad likes to grill, he'll love this Monogrammed Steak Brand & Cutting Board Set from Williams Sonoma.

The custom steak brand is hand forged by a Texas cattle rancher with one, two, or three letters and comes with a wall-mounting storage rack. The John McLeod cutting board which is made of sustainably harvested New England birch has a well to catch meat juices.

It can be customized to match the brand. Due to the personalized and custom nature of these items, 4-5 weeks should be allowed for delivery. The steak brand and cutting board can be purchased individually but make a great gift as a set for $69.95.

Let Dad put his signature on every grilled meal to show off his grilling pride.

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Make Your Home A Soothing Spring Get-Away!

Need a getaway pretty much every day? Then it's time to make your home pull double-duty as a spa and a sanctuary!

Inspired by the classic combination of blue and white, modern color palettes and patterns are picking up where Delph blue China left off. Fresher shades and patterns like Trina Turk's Trellis print recall beaches and far-flung tropical travels. You can buy it by the yard and use it indoors, outdoors, a lot, or a little.

For the mellower kind, a trendy chevron print in small doses isn't too 'tribal' or busy, especially if you go with a softer shade of blue.

After all, blue is a universally soothing color, especially when paired with pale colors like grey, whites, and beige. Pottery Barn's beach glass bath accessories will add a lot of luxurious home-spa style to any plain white countertop while still maintaining the calm you need.

Blue and white is a versatile pick-me-up anywhere, so for spaces - or parties - where you want more energy, definitely don't ignore the graphic appeal of West Elm's plates.

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Thomas Laine Mother's Day Jewelry Giveaway

On a budget but want to get your mom a beautiful and lavish gift that she so richly deserves? Why not enter this great Giveaway from our friends at TheFind!

Enter to win a $250 gift certificate from Thomas Laine. Indulge Mom this Mother's Day with a carefully curated piece to add a touch of personal glamour.

The world of Thomas Laine cherishes the love and romance of gift giving, and packages each exquisite piece in their signature luxury packaging. Visit for quality jewelry to compliment your unique personal style.

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It's Earth Month, Are You Doing Your Part?

April is Earth Month. Are you doing your part to make a difference? Small changes can make a big impact.

You don't have to turn your life upside down and change everything at once. Make little changes where you can! Here are a few ideas to get you started -

* Use a reusable water bottle - Choose a stainless steel variety or one that is BPA free. BPA is a toxic substance used to make clear and shatterproof plastic. BPA has been linked to cancer, interferes with fertility, and could contribute to childhood behavioral problems like hyperactivity.

* Use reusable shopping totes - Start by purchasing one or two to supplement your paper or plastic grocery bags, then build up your collection to eliminate them all together.

* Switch to CFL light bulbs
as your current ones burn out. CFL bulbs are more expensive but they last a lot longer. Switching out your old bulbs with new CFL bulbs will save on your energy bill in the long run.

* Pack your lunch in a reusable lunch box or bag - There are so many styles to choose from these days, you won't look like a nerd when bringing your lunch to work. Rather, you'll look smart and savvy!

Even the simplest things can go a long way towards making a big difference. Take small steps towards a better future by committing to be earth friendly whenever you are able.

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Fill Your Baskets with Easter Treats from Edible Gifts Plus!

Looking for something unique for your Easter baskets this year? Edible Gifts Plus has a large selection of adorable and edible (the best kind!) of gifts to help you put together a really cool basket.

The fortune cookies (pictured) are fresh baked daily then hand dipped in your choice of gourmet chocolate (dark, milk or white), caramel, or confections (strawberry or peanut butter). Then they are adorned with handmade royal icing decorations and topped with sprinkles.

Add your choice of colored cellophane bag and ribbon for $1 more. Similarly chocolate dipped Oreos, rice krispie treats and graham crackers are also available with prices ranging from $.99-$1.75 each and sold in quantities of 12 or more!

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Kim Kardasian x Casadei Nude Sandals on the cover of Redbook

Kim Kardashian along with Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian will be seen on the cover of Redbook for May 2011. We got a sneak peak of the cover shot and the trend for the summer season is all about strappy nude sandals.

Kim Kardashian was spotted in a pair of Casadei Ankle-Strap Sandals on the cover of Redbook. Distinguished by its asymmetrical cutaway panels, this women's ankle-strap sandal by Casadei brings
catwalk-inspired flair to your everyday wardrobe.

The glossy leather sandal's cascading buckles afford a perfectly customized fit, while its side zipper offers a fast and simplified way to slip in and hit the road. Even more, the sandal's high-rising shaft slenderizes and flatters your ankle, while its upturned platform and 4-3/4-inch heel offer sleek finishing touches.

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Photo credit - JustJared