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New York Fashion Week Notes: Trust Me, Your Morning Was Not as Bad as Theirs

Whenever you find yourself falling for the old trope that modeling is all glamor and glitz, think of the Ahava Mud models. This morning these three troopers took off their clothes to reveal gorgeous bods covered in mud. Sure, admittedly its good mud, full of "minerals, salts, and botanicals from the world's most natural beauty source; the Dead Sea," and a signature product in the AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories line. But still, come on - walking around looking like you just got out of a mud-wrestling match is a tough gig! Especially with New York's fashion elite gawking at you. Poor mud models!

New York Fashion Week Runway: Toni Maticevski's Dreamy Quasi Couture

Toni Maticevski's Spring 2009 show fittingly took the runway to the soaring staircase that bisects the lobby of the mid-century modern fairytale that is the Hotel Roger Williams. Seeing Maticevski's dreamlike, delicate white gowns ascend and descend the stairs was like watching angels floating. The shimmer and flash of his black and gold ensembles added a dose of urban reality to the collection (but just a touch). As in several collections so far, flowers and floral shapes were a unifying theme, lending a hopeful air to his striking vision.

New York Fashion Week Notes: My #1 Most Memorable Memory From Day #4 Was...

Seeing The Cowboy Junkies play at the Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2009 show! Nobody knew it was coming. Close your eyes and picture the scene. Fashion crowd filing in, celebs getting their pics taken, photographers setting up on the riser. Only one thing out of the ordinary - a mic and three chairs onstage. The lights dim, the Tensa-Barriers go up (leaving the very late Elle creative Joe Zee to watch from the sidelines - heh heh). Three figures appear, backlit, indistinguishable. Two men tune instruments, a raven-haired woman sits. Over the loudspeaker: "Ladies and gentleman, The Cowboy Junkies." The lights go up, the crowd erupts. They play a four song set including "Blue Moon," "Misguided Angel," and the Velvet Underground classic "Sweet Jane." I obviously couldn't take my eyes off of them, which is why Sabrina is writing the runway review for this one.

Style Video: Taking Summery Vintage and Forever 21 Finds Into Fall

Today's street style video features a lovely Forever 21-addicted English lass with an accent straight from a made-for-TV movie adapted from a Charles Dickens novel ("Please may we have some porridge kind sir?"), and a beach-ready babe rocking some vintage duds. Noelle Watters - editor of Fox News's iMag, the coolest lifestyle video magazine on the web - and moi picked these fashionistas out on a lovely stroll through Soho, and then Noelle went to work figuring out how to take their summery looks into fall. So check out the video, and then visit Noelle's Hive for more info on how to steal their style!

New York Fashion Week Runway: Rubin Singer's Spring 2009 "Voyage" Collection One Long, Funky Trip

Stripes, polka dots, and prints. Navy, white and ecru. Asymmetry, panels and piping. Rubin Singer's Spring 2009 Collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was a celebration of contrasts. And if you didn't get it by seeing the collection, Singer drove it home by backing his show with the thumping dance hit "Hip Hip Tension." In a lesser designer's hands fusing disparate elements like this would have spelled disaster. Singer carries it off, especially in his cocktail dresses. Take a look at the slideshow from the runway.

New York Fashion Week Notes: My #1 Most Memorable Memory From Day #3...

Was seeing the Tracy Reese Spring 2009 runway show with my 7-year-old daughter, Louise. It was Louise's first fashion show. My wife and I let Louise dress herself however she wants each morning (as long as her belly button isn't showing - our one hard and fast rule), and she's a huge Project Runway fan (it's her favorite show) so I was very interested to see what she made of the real deal. We had great seats right behind my friend and yours Pamela Pekerman. Louise watched the runway with a studious eye, considering each outfit as the models strode past, and whispering comments to me about her favorites, like "I like that one best. It's light blue." She also could not believe one person could design 45 outfits. After the show, I asked Louise to sum up the experience. "Weird and cool." Yup.

New York Fashion Week Runway: BCBG MAX AZRIA Splashes Brights Onto Urban-Inspired Line

BCBG MAX AZRIA's loyal following of celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, and Lucy Liu have some sleek, chic dresses to look forward to next year. Designer Max Azria kicked off Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York with an icy cool show consisting largely of tans and grays that featured exaggerated draping, understated layers, and deep v fronts. The star gowns, however, were in bright reds and oranges, bringing the line as a whole a fun, Spring-y sex appeal. Then check out the Hive for our members' favorite BCBG creations!

New York Fashion Week Notes: My #2 Most Memorable Memory From Day #2...

Fashion is sexy. You forget that somehow after seeing runway after runway, focusing on details, colors, inspirations, etc etc. Until something makes you remember. Today's really, really good Maticevski show was at the Hotel Roger Williams on Madison Avenue, in the lobby. Which meant there were windows out onto the street, so passersby on the sidewalk were watching through the hotel's plate-glass windows. Like this teen-age kid with, I assume, his grandma.As usual, Maticevski left little to the imagination with his totally see-through fabrics. So watching this kid go from incredulous ("Come ON gramma, I'm starving! Let's hit McDs!") to wide-eyed ("Um, can we just stay 30 more seconds?") was worth the price of admission. His shirt says it all, but click READ MORE for the full effect. (My #1 favorite thing from Day #2, you ask? My umbrella. It's raining buckets here folks.)

New York Fashion Week Notes: My #1 Most Memorable Memory From Day #1...

Was seeing The Sartorialist at work in Bryant Park. In case you don't know who I'm talking about, that's photographer Scott Schuman has become one of the world's most sought after fashion shooters largely on the back of his blog. I had never seen him in action until today. He is meticulous arranging his subject in the light and against a receding backdrop, positioning her feet and body, and then sharing the shots with her on the back of his camera. The funniest part was when a busload of tourists walked behind his subject in he middle of their short shoot. I'll be checking his site tomorrow to see which shot he chose, and to see if I'm in his background, taking these pictures of him. READ MORE to see him in action.

New York Fashion Week Buzz: Angel Sanchez Opens His Studio to Stylehive

It was like seeing Project Runway in full swing, only this time we already knew the winner. Angel Sanchez opened his garment district studio last night for a sneak peek at the designer's intricate Spring 2009 collection. With several gowns displayed in the showroom and several more in various states of completion in his studio, the event was a fascinating look into the designer's process. Let's just say it was a bit more inspiring than watching Stella get auf'd this week. Click SEE SLIDESHOW for more of my shots from the fete. Then check out the Hive for our members' favorite Angel Sanchez creations!