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Lacy Looks For Summer!

While many of our favorite lace garments belong in our drawer of un-mentionables, the look of lace in your everyday outfits has a lingerie-like lust effect on the on-lookers. The see-thru floral ringlet design is perfect for a summery look and feel, as the whole idea around lace as a fabric is for it to be light and airy. The best part -- a little flash of lace can go a long way. Lace is just one of those easy to add fashion commodities that can be found in the most creative of places, such as ust between the straps of your racerback tank or as a mini ruffle to your mini-skirt. Going all lace has a vintage appeal: when white, the classic sheer is soft and virtuous, and when black, your look's turned scarlet-letter scandalous. In a season that's known for its harsh heat, smoulder a little more comfortably in the breezy feel of lace. Sift through these slideshow picks for ideas on some lustrous lacy looks!

Sound Off This Summer Outfitted Military Style!

As gaga as we girls go over a man in uniform, it simply seems fit that we would look just as cute in camo and cargos- actually, cuter. The military inspired look has never been hotter, it's truly a style that's made its way from costume to closet commodity. Dressing in a way that would make Uncle Sam proud has more than just aesthetic benefits -- the added perception of authority from a girl wearing a shirt with stars and stripes insignia. As we've learned from our fellow Americans in the Service, pockets and buttons can be as alluring as they are utilitarian! Although our favorite military jackets don't bode well underneath the blazing sun, throwing on some light long-sleeves at night are a great summer approach to cadet chic when evenings get brisk. Keep the look casual with camouflage and classy with the same tailored, buckled and double-breasted perfection that the military expects of its troops. If you'd rather don a mostly civilian look, brave a short-billed army cap along with your everyday summer fashion. See the slideshow for some sir-yes-sir pieces for this summer's boldest look!

Gotta Getaway: Take On Shanghai Sustainably At URBN Hotels!

Eco-friendly never looked so comfortable! This time around, why not take a green getaway and give Planet Earth a little vacation too? With it's state-of-the-art modernism, it's easy to forget that there's actually a cause behind the swanky URBN Hotels. A mere peek at the chic, boutique lodging makes it hard to believe that China's first sustainable hotel is a former factory warehouse. An extensive effort has been put into the greenness of URBN Hotels, located in the heart of Shanghai, including furnishings and decor made from all recycled materials. Its environmentally friendly practices are the beginning to a new breed of hotels with carbon-neutral practices and commitments to leaving as minimal earth-harming footprints. The company even prides itself on its investment in the growth of the million-tree project, one devoted to the planting of trees reserved for the purpose of compensating for emissions. You're even offered the opportunity to purchase carbon credits to make you feel better about your flight halfway around the world! Don't get the wrong idea: the environment isn't the only thing treated like royalty at URBN. The hotel's 26 rooms, spa suite and 2 penthouses provide the ultimate in guest comfort. With in-house accommodations like their guest-only rooftop cocktail lounge and concierge options that include guided bike tours and Chinese Mandarin language tutoring, guests are guaranteed a memorable Shanghai experience. View the slideshow to take a peek at the sleek and sensible carbon-neutral model that will soon be the new craze in tourism: Shanghai's URBN Hotels!

Bag Of The Week: Oak Black Leather Fringe Hobo

Summer just isn't summer without over-sized sunglasses and a hobo bag. The fringed hobo has been the "it bag" for some time now, and this black leather one from Oak is lust-worthy as ever. The asymmetrical overlapping of different textures and tones of black leather and suede is the perfect fusion of grunge and glam with its rugged and sleek combination. This version, however, is the ultimate anywhere bag -- with its "business in front" clasp and "party in the back" fringe, the swooping layer of dangling leather strings softens the chic formality of the classic "black leather bag" look. The tapered bottom look gives the bag a compact enough feel to sling it on with a sexy summer dress for a night out, and the fun fringe screams short-shorts and off-the-shoulder tunic for looking day-date dapper. The rough style of this bag makes no demure statement, so it's nothing if it isn't flashy. For a bold way to wear black leather, check out the Oak Black Leather Fringe Hobo -- the Hive's newest Bag Of The Week!

Price: $590.00

Where to Buy: Oak

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We Are In Awe Of We Are Handsome!

We are hot, trendy, retro, and so ready hit the pool. That's why Jeremy Somers of People Like Us and Indhra Chagoury of Oscar and Elvis Swimwear created We Are Handsome's notable line of swimsuits that could quite possibly be art gallery worthy. Their collaborative talents are showcased in vintage-photo like one-pieces named after abstract places such as Jupiter, Hollywood and Delaware that depict essence-capturing posters of culture as they each feature scenes that reminisce of their site of influence. The vivid and somewhat provocative scenes make the post-card like swimwear seem perfect for a day of roller-blading down Venice Beach's boardwalk -- or with the right pair of frayed jean shorts and gladiator sandals, they're fit for a day of outdoor mall shopping on a hot summer's day. While everyone else blends together poolside with their string bikinis and halter suits, these pieces will surely blow the best of them out of the water. With high bikini cuts and low necklines, they're as attractive as they seem comfortable for care-free water wading. Check out the chicest swimsuit prints of the summer and take awe to We Are Handsome's handsome mantra to beach fashion. Take a peek at the slideshow to get a taste of some creative beach fashion!

Recession Chic: Flirty Summer Night Looks Under $50!

Summer, is about minimalism: minimal clothing, minimal responsibility, and minimal expenses! While summer condones wearing the same thing twice, you'll still want a different outfit for every late-night beach and bonfire party -- and if you're looking for deals, you're in good hands this season! Summer get-ups are as easy as slipping on a striped strapless dress or pairing some hot, baby biker shorts under a tunic! Of course, the hotter it gets, the less material necessary, so a complete look can usually be fulfilled with just one piece. Ditch the cute day-time cover-ups that are paired with sandals and a sunhat and opt for your evening bag and a nice pair of heels and you're ready to hit the nighttime summer scene! At this point in summer's prime, some retailers are already offering their floor-clearing deals on some prime summer going-out pieces, but the airy, inexpensive ensembles are hot enough to take care of your club cover charge and even entice on-lookers to gift your drinks! Take a peek at some seasonable, reasonably priced wardrobe additions for your summer nights!

Getaway To Celebrity and Volcanic Hot Spot -- Iceland's Hótel Rangá!

Imagine an Icelandic country lodge so cool, there's not only horseback riding and bird-watching, but ATV tours and river rafting! How about so cool that even celebrities are known to frequent the Four Star hotel that's not only green energy powered, but only uses hot water heated by actual nearby springs! But the coolest part about this Icelandic hotel is probably just the view of Mount Hekla and its oozing goo of fire, not to mention the Jeep-guided and helicopter tours of the active volcano. Actually, cool is truly synonymous with Hòtel Rangà for the subpolar climate. There's nothing better to heat you up, though, than the outdoor hot-spring hot tubs, which happen to offer premiere seats for eruption sightings and glacier-action underneath a sky illuminated by the Northern Lights (best seen between September and April!). With views and activities abound, there's always time to relax at a fine dining establishment situated beside a world ranked salmon river when not in your newly renovated room. Speaking of rooms, its 15 room collection of World Pavilion suites feature continent themed decor with authentically crafted furniture from each of the world's 7 geographic regions. Regardless of the themed rooms, your cultural immersion within the host country trumps all, as the hotel sits right in the heart of southern Iceland's most scenic adventure-land and most exciting cities. With celebrity sightings, adventure, and beauty galore, your stay at Hótel Rangá will be the trip of a lifetime! Checkout the slideshow for some of the sights that Hótel Rangá has in store!

Evan Hecox's Prints Are Invigorating On The City-centric, Art-loving Eye!

Gazing at a piece of art can sometimes take you straight from the gallery into the frame. The postcard-like etchings of Evan Hecox are just those types of pieces, as many of his series' evolved from his travels to places like Tokyo, Mexico and Berlin. Using 2 to 5 tones, Hecok creates dramatic reproductions of his travel photo albums that tell Hunter S. Thompson-like stories; silhouetted and obscured, yet very emotionally descriptive. The skylines, vendor cabanas and other mundane yet illustratively defining images of the culture and cities of Hecok's visits are transformed from everyday images to captivating masterpieces by his unusual styling techniques. Newspaper print and Chinese character script are used in place of traditional smudging and hatching tactics to create shading, figures without so-much more than an outline beside ones that have been articulately detailed and selectively colored objects highlighted among the chaotically-depicted, sedated urban settings. The etch-a-sketch looking silk-screened prints are produced on renewable green energy and carbon-free paper so that Hecok's artistic expressions are sure to also make environmentally sound statements. Turn your home into an art gallery of graphically alurring travel souvenirs with Evan Hecok's prints! Get a feel for Hecok's work in this slideshow!

Smooth The Summer Season Out With Matte Nails!

Demure is a sexy quality. That's why subtle style is the perfect component for your off-the-page personality -- too much glitz and it'll overshadow the real you! Painting your nails in matte colors is the perfect understated way to show some class. The non-reflective, wall-lacquer like polish is summer's coolest nail trend. Glossy and lustrous finishes have their place, but sometimes the look can come off gaudy, and even worse, messy. For an everyday chic, smooth and creamy lacquer creates a clean look that's sharp on its own accord. Matte finishes are also great for nails that you don't have time to treat -- the simplicity of the look is a great way to cover-up flaws, as more glittery polishes tend to draw attention to un-buffed fingers. With your nails matted, they never feel slimy, like with most other sparkle paints, making your nails feel closer to their natural, naked state. Take a peek at these slideshow of matte nail lacquer versions to find out just how wearable the un-shiny paint can be!

Recession Chic: 10 Summer Hats Under $50!

With the amount of money that goes into your hair, who wants to spend just as much to cover it up? But that's no reason to go hatless! There's always good reason to wear a hat in the summertime! To keep the sun out of your face, to cool down that hot body of yours, and of course, style! Straw materials, oversized and barely-there brims and straps are some of this summer's hottest hat trends -- and all of them can be found at prices that won't take you all summer to save up for! Hats are synonymous style for things like a day at the beach, shopping crawls and summer road trips, and when you're saving up for doing fun summer activities like those, it would be silly to splurge when you don't have to! Visit the slideshow to fall in love with one of these hats under $50 and pinch your pennies for something else this summer!