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Get Beautiful Summer Skin From Head to Toe

Head into the final days of summer with the right products that will keep skin looking and feeling healthy. SPF does the trick when it comes to sun protection, but in order to maintain that luminous glow it is important to incorporate additional skincare treatments into your daily routine. Take your pick from this selection of Sephora products that encourage beautiful skin all season long.

Daily Obsesh - Blee Inara Love Wrap Bracelet

These days one is never enough. Especially in this economy, the best way to get more is to find a deal: 'buy one; get one half off', or even better: buying one that does the job of two.
The Blee Inara Love Turquoise Suede Wrap Bracelet is a great item to get the most for your money. The bright, turquoise, suede, strap with the word "love" in gold looks awesome against all skin colors. The stap comes in lenght long enough to wrap around multiple times. It's like have seven bracelets instead of one.
Not in the mood to wear a bracelet today? No problem, a quick swith up and you bracelet can be your new necklace, or fixing it around your up-do for a headband with flare.
Between the variety of functions and the Swarovski-crystal detailed charm at the end, it's not hard to see the value in this accessory

Daily Obsesh - Jemma Kidd Mini Liners

They say the eyes are they window to the soul and there is so much you can tell someone from just a look.

If that's true, then let's accentuate them and make our peepers pop with these Mini Liners from Jemma Kidd!

We love the colored eyeliner trend (Tip - Try lining your bottom lid for an intense and unique look!). This Jemma Kidd liner set is perfect and comes with four different color eyeliners - black, brown, green, and blue. This lets you customize how much intensity you want each time; and since they're all miniature, you can take them with you everywhere and decide as you go!

Now turn up that "smize" ... the world is watching.

Where to Buy - ASOS

Price - $22.41

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Daily Obsesh - The Hard Rock Maxi

Summertime is full of things to do and places to be seen. So when you have such an active social life, you go through outfits that much faster.

Do you find yourself in front of your closet looking for an outfit to jump out at you, and it seems like nothing is there?

Well instead of pulling hairs trying to piece together an outfit, make your life easier by throwing on a dress like the Hard Rock Maxi by *LA Boutique.

This piece is a great option with the simple blue and white stripes. While the dress has a lot of leg coverage, the combination of the halter ties and the deep plunging neckline will still allow you to show some skin and soak up the rays. Its perfect for a day at the beach, boardwalk, or lunch with friends!

Where to Buy - KARMALOOP

Price - $47.00

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Linea Pelle Chic Belts

Since the waist is a strategic place in the silhouette of a woman, the belt is certainly a girl's best ally, as Lauren Conrad (fashion designer and television personality) so aptly put it.

A belt can be used in a large variety of clothes - dresses, sweaters, baby doll shirts, coats and others. They create a waist in voluminous clothes that do not have any. The belt therefore creates the much-desired sensuous silhouette in any attire.

The biggest advantage of a belt is that it is very versatile. It completely changes the way a dress can appear. By simply changing a belt, one can wear a single dress in a different way several times. The belt is a key tool in creating one€™s own personal look.

The Linea Pelle Collection is certainly one of the best innovations that we have seen in recent years in the domain of the belt. For example, the Woven Medallion Waist Belt is a wide belt that is to be
worn quite high on the waist. Completely made of leather, this exquisite piece makes any dress into a full fashion statement. It is certainly the centre-piece of any attire.

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Daily Obsesh - Bring in the Moisture Skin Care Set

Ladies, is it just us or has skin care become something like rocket science?

These days something as simple as washing your face requires a Masters in Biology. With all the polluted air, make-up, and UV rays, skin care is not something to be left by the way side. Especially now, there are so many different types of cleaners and active ingredients, it's become very easy to pick something you don't even need.

We've has come across the perfect solution to simplify your routine. Its called the 'Bring In The Moisture Skin Care Set' by Carol's Daughter. It is a great three piece set that includes a face wash, toner, and lotion.

The set fights the harsh environmental agents while keeping pores tight with antioxidants and vitamins A and E. It also moisturizes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles with aloe vera, jojoba, camomile, and ylang-ylang oils. All these and more amazing and natural ingredients will keep your skin fresh and glowing with out killing your wallet.

Where to Buy - Carol's Daughter

Price - $50.00

Who Found It - Brittani was the first to add the Bring in the Moisture Skin Care Set to the Hive.

Bag of the Week - Tylie Ikat Wayfarer

These days days the world is all technology and fast-paced business - iPods, laptops, smart phones, the latest gaming systems. It can become very consuming, and we don't all have the time and luxury to take off for a weekend trip.

But StyleHive has found a way to feel more connected with the earth - and it involves accessorizing! Tribal prints have been big for summer so it seemed like the perfect place to start on the road to rediscovery.

This printed shoulder bag with tassel by Ikat Wayfer has become well liked here at StyleHive. The blue and white design will help give off a tranquil zen while your digging to reapply your favorite lipgloss. The bag also comes in white/charcoal with red tassel for those with bolder tastes.

We all know change won't happen over night. There's no need to start growing your own vegetables or burning incense just yet. Stick with what works for you; and if it happens to be online shopping, who is anyone else to judge?

Where to Buy - REVOLVE clothing

Price - $116.00

Who Found It - Brittani was the first to add the Tylie Ikat Wayfarer shoulder bag to the Hive.

Daily Obsesh - BB Dakota Nikki Midi Bodycon Skirt

We've all heard the saying - 'The early bird gets the worm', but in this case StyleHive is referring to the early shopper.

Fall is almost upon us and we all know what that means ... wardrobe change! And its never too soon to start.

Its time to change with the seasons ladies, and we've got the perfect piece. Urban Outfitters BB Dakota Nikki Midi Bodicon Skirt. A simple knit pencil skirt that goes to the knees for a very sleek look, while the tri color bands give it a touch of color and keeps it fun and trendy.

So no need to frown; summer might be ending soon, but it doesn't mean your style has to. This skirt is a great way kick off Fall 2011.


Price - $69.00

Who Found It - Brittani was the first to add the 'BB Dakota Nikki Midi Bodycon Skirt' to the Hive

Maxi Dresses For Summer

Ever since the maxi dress became part of the design trends again, hundreds of models are appearing every year.

Considered in the yesteryears as clothing for older women, maxi dresses are now being designed for younger and younger girls. They are increasingly casual, although you can still find some chic formal long dresses around. Designers are giving the maxi dress its original function of seduction and visual attraction.

Maxi dresses are increasingly flirtatious, even naughty. A good example is the Love Sam Strapless dress by Dawn Mayo. This grey-white piece is worn with stylish silk belt. This dress perfectly enhances the natural contours of the body, adding length to the silhouette. It is casual and funky; a light dress for a casual occasion.

Cynthia Vincent€™s Silk Strapless dress is another good example of the way maxi dresses have evolved over the recent years. This dress flows gently to the floor because of its gorgeously designed pleats. This dress is of the formal type, for a high-end social event for example. The maxi dress is also an excellent outfit as an evening dress.

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Daily Obsesh - Betsey Johnson Mermaid Tale Mismatched Earrings

Typical matching earrings are so last season.

Lately, StyleHive has noticed a lot more earring sets with a mix and match theme. These lively colored, tropical fish are a great way to brighten up a simple look.

But that's not all. They wouldn't be Bestey Johnson without some pizzazz. Both earrings are regular studs but each one has an individual flare.

With these earrings, you get a fresh look, joined with a little of that famous Bestey edge.So mix it up and tap into you fun and flirty side by try something new!

Where to Buy - KARMALOOP

Price - $35.00

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