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Bag of the Week - Soft Slouchy Crescent Bag

Having a super-duper soft, slouchy leather purse is kind of like having a cuddly teddy bear or your favorite blanket as a child.

You can love it, comfort yourself with it, and it has to go everywhere you go because, well ... it's your binkie. There's no denying the warm feeling you get inside knowing it will always be by your side.

So if you're in the market for a friend, then we recommend this supple blue baby available at The creamy color of the leather looks just as soft as it actually is, and the best part? You won't even spend $50 for it!

So go ahead, indulge yourself.

Where to Buy -

Price - $42.00

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Daily Obsesh - Yochi Green Lucite with Metal Dots Hoop Earrings

Have you picked out your favorite fall jewelry yet?

We haven't either, but we're getting our list started with these gorgeous earrings. They're unique, not too big (or small), and add just enough style to glam up any casual or nighttime look. We're in love!

Made out of lucite, these hoops also have silver dots down the center that creates a look we haven't seen before. So, fall earrings? Check. Now, on to a necklace.

Where to Buy -

Price - $25.00

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Daily Obsesh - Suede Travel Card Holder

Sure, you might need a card holder to actually hold your business cards, but why use one that's boring? Metal? Black? Blah. How about a suede one with a pop of color to it?

This one happens to be simple and cute, but gives your professional side just a little touch of style ... and we all need some of that. Or you could just use it to stash your debit card, license, and dollar dollar bills y'all. Then call it a day. Simple, right?

Where to Buy -

Price - $12.00

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Bag of the Week - Lurex Sunday Straw Tote

Sundays bring out the best in us. It's our day of rest and relaxation ... and during the summer, it's a day for the beach!

But you can't head out to the sun and sand without the right arm-candy to carry your magazines, books (Kindles and iPads included), and UV protection creams. That perfect bag should be a sturdy straw tote like this one.

We're not trying to stress you out by making you think about your Sunday bag choice, instead, we're trying to make it even easier on you. If you have the right bag, you can keep your beach goods ready to go in it. Easy, peasy ... no thinking required.

And just before you plop onto the sand, you can even make a quick run to the farmer's market to get yourself some fruit and other snacks to keep you going the rest of the day (hint - it will all fit in your tote). Now enjoy your day off. Ahhhhh.

Where to Buy -

Price - $130.99

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Daily Obsesh - Lurex Cartwheel Hat

There are several things a big floppy hat can do for you this summer.

It can protect your face from the sun, keep your hair color from fading (again, those darn UV rays), and it can hide a bad hair day. Not too shabby for such a simple accessory, right?

But, what's even better is that you too can be the proud owner of this lovely, classic piece of head wear for less than six bucks! Yup, you definitely read that correctly. That means for the same amount of the sandwich you're gonna buy for lunch, you'll also be ready to take on a hot, sunny afternoon at the beach or pool in style. Hat tip to that!

Where to Buy -

Price - $7.99

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Daily Obsesh - Zara Wide Stripe Bikini

With so many swimsuits to choose from this summer, why would you want to go with a bikini?

Well, for starters, it shows more skin. And we all know that can be a good thing ... depending who you ask.

But second, we found this adorable striped number that we can't believe costs less than 30 bucks for both the top and bottom! Sales rock.

So get your hands on this itty bitty bikini (and your body in it too) so you can flaunt what your momma gave you on the beach or at the pool. Ahh, we love the summer.

Where to Buy -

Price - $25.98

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Bag of the Week - Foldover Clutch

Knock, knock. Who's there? Orange.

Orange, who?

Orange you glad to have a bright, bold foldover clutch rather than an over-sized, dingy bag to carry around tonight?

We sure are. You see, there's a necessary art we think every fashionista should learn when it comes to picking the right bag to wear with an outfit. Some are work appropriate, while others are meant for those nights out on the town ... and that's it.

Luckily, this orange leather clutch takes all the thinking out of the matter - take it to work or happy hour. Either way, it will look great and make you happy every time you reach into it to grab your lipstick or phone.

Where to Buy -

Price - $130.00

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Bag of the Week - Asos Leather Portfolio

You can't just carry any bag when you're all dressed up and ready for a night out.

A big bag is cumbersome and makes you look too serious and a cross-body bag is too casual. The perfect solution? A little clutch.

And we love this little leather one from Asos so much that we had to single it out. It has a simple shape with a flap closure and comes in a bright, turquoise color that's sure to get everyone's attention.

There's no doubt you'll love it too and feel like it's the perfect complement to your LBD or floral number.

Where to Buy -

Price - $94.81

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Shoe of the Week - Tieks

Okay, there's no doubt that we love our sky-high heels - whether they're chunky or super stiletto. But, that also means we know how uncomfortable they can get. Hey, they never said comfy shoes were hot, right? No pain, no gain!

So for those moments when you have to walk further than five feet or just want to give your tootsies a break, may we suggest you keep some of these adorable and fun-colored flats around in your bag? We realize they're a tad pricey, but we love the soft leather they're made with and all the vibrant colors you can choose from.

Plus, they're actually padded to give your feet some support, unlike the other fold-out flats that feel like you're wearing socks. These actually make sense. Ya, dig?

Where to Buy -

Price - $145.00

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Daily Obsesh - Bluma Project Chunky Ring Set

What's better than one new ring? How about three new rings?

We're lovin' these geometric-shaped, hand-carved wood rings so much because you can choose to wear one at a time or throw on all three for a funky look that shows off your style.

Plus, there were no animals hurt in the making of them ... or at least we assume they weren't. But that's not the point. What we're trying to say is - they're some pretty fab digit jewelry so why not get them and show 'em off while you dial a number into your iPhone?

Where to Buy -

Price - $38.00

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