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Beauty Buzz: Work Those Toes

I'm sure you guys have heard about YogaToes, and if you're like me, you've probably been wondering "what the€¦..?" I've had this strange fascination with them where they make me simultaneously scared and curious, wondering what are these strange jelly-like contraptions that look like they should be used for a pedicure? So I ordered myself a pair to see what they were all about. The idea is that it's like exercise for your toes so you prevent situations like hammertoes and bunions. No, I don't have either, but I do find myself in stiletto heels more often than not and thought a little exercise for my footsies couldn't hurt. The verdict: they are fabulous! They work your toes so they just end up looking healthier, just like they say, exercise for your toes, except you don't have to do anything! Anyone else use them? If so, let me know in comments!

Tech Style: Tony Hawk Takes Over Your T-Mobile Sidekick!

Tony Hawk has teamed up with T-Mobile to put out a limited edition Sidekick! The Sidekick LX„¢ Tony Hawk Edition is black, textured to feel like a skateboard and has a gaggle of new, fabulous features like video record, play and share. Lucky us, we got to fiddle with it at the opening match of the Mercedes Benz Polo Challenge held in Bridgehampton, where T-Mobile holds court every year with the most fun tent going in the VIP area. This year, they treated us to tunes spun by the one-and-only, DJ Sky Nellor. But back to the Sidekick-- it still has its signature Sidekick swivel screen and full keyboard, but we love the badass feel that only someone like Tony Hawk can provide. It's the perfect accessory to give all your outfits an extra edge, but more importantly it's the phone that will withstand all the damage you KNOW you are going to inflict on it! Look for it on and tell me what you think!

Summer Beauty Picks: Tried and Tested Skin Products

Your faithful fashion, entertainment, and beauty blogger has been testing an array of skin products this summer and is ready to share her most recent obsessions! The first is something to keep your skin fresh, the next is something to keep your skin clear, and the last is something to keep your skin glowing-- oh, and one more thing that works double duty to keep your skin moisturized and clean. They're all just clicks away, so check out the SLIDESHOW for four hot summer beauty picks, tried and tested by yours truly!

Weekly Giveaway: Win A Pair Of MODO Sunglasses!

Stylehive was at the MODO flagship store opening in New York€™s mega-trendy Nolita neighborhood where they unveiled New York City€™s new home for super-stylish eyewear. An exclusive event attended by big, big names like designer Phillip Lim and socialite Olivia Palermo, this petite boutique was packed elbow to elbow with champagne, fashionistas, and of course, amazingly-designed high-fashion frames. Afterward, MODO hosted a dinner at Peasant on Elizabeth Street so all could fete their big achievement. Click READ MORE for what you can expect from the store, and more importantly, how you can win a pair of fab MODO frames for yourself!

Style Party: Carlos Miele's Resort '08 Collection Bash!

Last week, beloved Brazilian designer Carlos Miele opened up his penthouse apartment in New York€™s super-hot meatpacking district to a select few fashionistas to present his resort collection. Of course, Stylehive was right there to capture it all! There were about 30 people taking in the designer€™s work, including Vogue€™s Meredith Melling Burke, Paper Magazine€™s Mickey Boardman, and famed fashion reporter Judy Licht. The crowd sipped caipirinhas and listened to live bossa nova on the designer€™s rooftop while models loitered about wearing his glamorous, diaphanous designs. Click READ MORE to hear about all the action, and click SEE SLIDESHOW to see it all for yourself!

Healthy Style: 5 Non-Icky Sunblocks Help You Get Your Summer On

It€™s official, summer is here, so break out the bikinis and beach bags because it is time to boogie down! Who doesn€™t love lazy days sitting poolside and long drives with the top down? But along with the sun fun, you cannot forget to protect your delicate dermis from icky UV rays. But sunblock can be a bit of a gross endeavor. Often, it€™s just too thick, and can leave every pore feeling clogged. And the so-called "easy" spray-on kind has such high alcohol content it can leave a layer of mystery film on your skin. Lucky for you, I have personally tested five products that protect your skin AND feel fabulous going on. Click SEE SLIDESHOW for my picks!

Style Poll: Should Sharon Stone Have Been Sacked By Dior?

As you are all probably aware, Sharon Stone has been dropped as the face of Dior. The A-lister was ditched after she made what was considered to be insensitive comments regarding the earthquake in China, insinuating it was some sort of karmic repercussion for the Chinese treatment of Tibet, and causing a potential Chinese boycott of Dior. Then in an interview with Cathy Horyn of The New York Times, Ms. Stone said that Dior distorted her apology, and after a call from Sidney Toledano, the chief executive of Dior, she said the following: €œI talked to Sidney and I said: €˜Let€™s get serious here. You guys know me very well. I€™m not going to apologize. I€™m certainly not going to apologize for something that isn€™t real and true €” not for face creams.€™€�

Scary-Hair Care: Say Bye-Bye To Dry!

This one is for those of you who can€™t seem to get your dry hair under control, and no matter what you do or what products you use, your hair still resembles a collection of strands of hay. Believe me, I know because I have been there. But I found this product from Japan that works like magic. Okay maybe not magic, but it is pretty amazing and it took my hair from being dull and lifeless to a living, breathing entity atop my head. Click READ MORE for all the details!

Fashion Insider: BJ Coleman Spills on Baby Phat, Kimora, and Spring Trends

Fashion doesn€™t exist in a vacuum, there are major players working hard to make it happen, all while doing it fabulously. BJ Coleman is one of those players and he is about as fabulous as it gets. As Senior Director of Public Relations for Baby Phat, it is his job to make the brand hot, hot, hot and he has definitely succeeded considering the Baby Phat fashion show is one of the hottest tickets in town during Fashion Week. BJ is Kimora Lee Simmons€™ right hand man and you€™ve probably seen him on the hit reality show Life in the Fab Lane. This year is Baby Phat€™s ten-year anniversary so I thought not only should we celebrate the brand but let€™s celebrate BJ, who started his fashion career there when the company was brand spankin€™ new. We met over lunch where BJ talked to me about fashion, fun, fabulousness, and Baby Phat. Click READ MORE for all of the Phat details!

Save Your Soles: Big News From Christian Louboutin

You have saved your pennies, or simply splurged, or maybe you are lucky enough to just go out and buy a closet full of Christian Louboutins. Now that you have them, all the jet-setting from party to party has left the best part, the luscious red soles, scratched and worn. Normally, I get my shoes re-soled whenever it is needed to extend their life but with Christian Louboutins, any sole from even the best shoe repairperson will not suffice. What to do? How to get them back? So go ahead, click READ MORE for the glorious news told exclusively to Stylehive about how this won€™t be a problem anymore by the end of 2008 - remember, you heard it here first!