Beauty Pick Me Up - Winter Worthy Fragrances

by Ida Hsiang • Dec 1, 2010 4:53 AM PST
Beauty Pick Me Up - Winter Worthy Fragrances

The days have gotten so chilly and the evenings are coming faster. Whether you're the type to keep an extensive collection of perfumes to match your mood, or like to have just a couple signature scents, 'tis the season to switch up the summer scent into one that packs a little more of a punch.

While light, refreshing smells are great for hot sunny days, cold weather calls for more saturated and sensual scents. If you're into a more spicy scent, look for notes of sandalwood or bergamot. More of a floral scent fan? Try rose or gardenia blossoms, or notes of jasmine. Vanilla is always a sensuous backdrop to any winter scent and for those who really want to make an exotic statement, a touch of leather or honey is unique and sexy without being overly femme.

Ready to do a little fragrance perusing? Click on the slideshow to see some of our fave winter fragrances! Also look for travel size or roller-ball versions of your favorite scents to keep smelling seductive and delicious throughout the day! A pretty bottle of a sumptuous scent is also a great and personal holiday gift!

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