Beauty Pick Me Up - The Wet Look

by Ida Hsiang • Apr 27, 2011 5:57 AM PDT

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Beauty Pick Me Up - The Wet Look

There's something very sexy about a just-got-out-the-shower look. Hair that is damp has an appeal that is natural and raw and plus, it makes tresses so much easier to manage (goodbye flyaways)!

Whether tousled or sleek, there are a number of ways to wear the wet hair look this season! Check out our three favorite styles then click on the slideshow to see our picks of tried and true products that can help you get the look!

Start our with wet hair, either towel drying from the shower or using a spray bottle for dry hair!

Beach-y Waves - Beach babe hair is sexy and best with minimal makeup. Do not comb through and even scrunch up hair sections for added texture. Using a healthy dollop of soft hold mousse, finger comb through locks. Got thicker hair? A thin layer of styling wax helps keep the look lasting all day! Separate hair into 2 inch sections and scrunch towards the scalp. Done!

Sleek Up-Do - A quick and easy style for a sophisticated night out! Using a setting lotion or wet-look gel, comb through hair so that it's smooth. A side part or mid-part both work as long as it's a clean line. Gather hair at the nape of the neck. For an elegant bun, twist hair around and tuck ends in to hide. Secure with a bobby pin or two! For a pony-tail, spray the ends with setting lotion. A final spritz of soft hold spray or setting lotion keeps it in place all day!

Slicked Back And Glossy - No time to wash your hair but need a sleek look? Spray hair down with water and using mousse or styling wax, comb hair back and away from the face. Spritz the front with a soft hold hairspray or use a small nickel sized amount of gel to keep hair in place.

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  • graceamaya says

    :) Smiling everyone love the beauty

    72 months ago

  • queenbee says

    Great tips for summer!

    72 months ago

  • CommunityBee says

    The "wet hair" look is definitely my go-to hair style for the summer. Great tips.

    72 months ago

  • navare says

    I'm always afraid my hair will appear oily, and then when it does start to dry a little, the dry pieces frizz up. But I love the Organix coconut milk products!

    72 months ago

  • graceamaya says

    ;) Winking beauty

    71 months ago