Beauty Pick Me Up - Skin Flaws? Masque It!

by Ida Hsiang • Aug 17, 2011 6:33 AM PDT
Beauty Pick Me Up - Skin Flaws? Masque It!

Facial and spa treatments that we used to get at our favorite salon are now becoming more and more readily available in at-home versions.

One such beauty product that's effective and super simple to DIY is the facial mask. Whether it comes in mask or peel form, the facial mask is a quick way to rectify any skin type. You just have to know what to look for!

Well, that's where we come in. Check out our tips for the best type of facial mask for different skin types, then click on the slideshow to see some of our favorites!

Normal Skin - This is a simple one! For you, a facial mask should just be for maintenance and prevention. Look for moisturizing face masks chock full of vitamin C or anti-oxidants. Apply a face mask once every 2 weeks.

Oily Skin - Look for a clay mask or a facial peel that will mattify and control shine. Steer clear of anything that's super moisturizing as this can lead to even more shine. Try a mask once a week for optimum results!

Dry Skin - A facial mask once a week can do wonders for dry skin. Look for options that have vitamin E and are highly moisturizing. A quick tip for a little added hydration? Smooth on a dime sized amount of night cream after your done with the facial mask!

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  • Nwfan

    Nwfan says

    :)> Applause All the elements for a young looking, I vote for SKIN. especially facial skin. They said, women's skin start "getting old" at the age 24. We can not stop getting older, but definitely can prevent those winkles coming out too early. (+) Totally Agree

    68 months ago

  • oldfashion

    oldfashion says

    wow! skin products! I can always use them. I always like Avocado, and noticed that recently Oatmeal has become a hot ingredient for shampoo and conditioner. and now facial skin. I also told by my doctor that eating oatmeal will lower the cholesterol level. I have always thought physical check up is for "older" people. Then I found out due to the fast paste of high tech life style, younger generation needs to take care of their health and do annual check up, at least. :) Smiling

    68 months ago