Beauty Pick Me Up - New Summer Hair Color? Make It Last!

by Ida Hsiang • May 4, 2011 5:44 AM PDT

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Beauty Pick Me Up - New Summer Hair Color? Make It Last!

For many of us, the change of seasons and climate also means a change of hair color! While rich browns, deep reds and sleek black locks are perfect for the cold days of Fall and Winter, it's all about lightening up your look for Spring and Summer!

Bright blondes, reddish blondes, highlighted chestnut tones and golden highlights all around are a great way to make your look seem lighter, younger and more seasonally appropriate! You love your new hair color, but we all know the hard part when it comes to keeping you Summer hair looking fresh and new. How to make it last and give you hair back the bonce and hydration it needs after a chemical color?

Here at StyleHive, we feel your gripe so we got together to make a list of all of our favorite tried and true hair care products that are designed to make your color stay vibrant and your tresses soft and luscious!

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  • graceamaya says

    B-) Cool everyone loves the beauty!

    71 months ago

  • esteemstudio says

    Women like to style, color, or put their hair into all kinds of treatment. Over time this can take a toll on those locks which eventually can cause them to brittle, dry out and eventually fall. Chemicals and even the way you tie your hair can also lead to hair loss. to avoid this, modify the way you style your hair and maybe cut back on the chemicals that you slather, let your hair breathe for some time.

    64 months ago