Beauty Pick Me Up - Nail It! With These 5 Colors

by Ida Hsiang • Oct 13, 2010 4:24 AM PDT

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Beauty Pick Me Up - Nail It! With These 5 Colors

In this season of usually more somber hues, adding a pop of color gives a bit of brightness to both ensembles and moods! But while a bright orange blazer or cheery fuschia skirt may be a little too much color, a pretty manicure in vibrant tones are the perfect way to give just the right touch.
We've picked the five must-try-now nail polishes to give your dreary days a much needed splash of interest. Check out our fave colors and how to wear them, then see where to buy these favorite tried and true varnishes by clicking the slideshow!

Tangerine - Add a real pop of color with this show stopping hue! Such a bright color deserves to be a statement 'accessory' all on it's own so keep other colors to a minimum, or try it with a bright floral pattern!

Opaque White - Definitely edgy and super trendy, opaque white is a great contrast color. Shy away from matte versions and apply a shiny top coat every few days to keep manicures looking fresh and dazzling and not like you colored your nails in with white-out!

Forest Green - This dark hue is a great way to add a little color without being too over-the-top. It's a great way to try a funkier manicure at the office!

Fuschia - It's pretty and it pops and the bright pinky purple hue gives it a girly edge. What more could you want? Try it on your toes too!

Sheer Gold - Just like nude pumps elongate the legs, a sheer gold polish helps elongate fingers! A sheer sparkle is a subtle way to add some shine and glamour to any ensemble. Also try layering this sheer sparkle over other colors!

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