Enter To Win A $500 Handbag From Beautiful People Design!

by Lisanne Silverman • Mar 9, 2009 7:20 AM PDT
Enter To Win A $500 Handbag From Beautiful People Design!

Searching for a new handbag can be harder than it sounds! You want something stylish but not too trendy, something noticeably high-quality but not drenched in labels, and something that you can lug life's necessities around in... without spending your monthly rent. Oh, and it has to look good too. Sound familiar? Turn to Beautiful People's collection of classic, feminine styles the next time you're yearning for a new handbag. Designed by former children's book illustrator Johanna Boccardo, Beautiful People handbags are full of inspiration and whimsical appeal, balanced with clean lines and supple leather for an everyday, yet extra special look. The current Spring/Summer 2009 collection, titled CAPULET, has just what you'd expect from a Shakespearean-inspired line, with subtle rose details, soft, feminine shapes, and deep, earthy colors. Take a look at the big bucket bag, in smooth or crinkled calfskin with plenty of pockets. For a playful evening bag, the little rose is on our wishlist- the rosette detail combined with the classic chainlink strap is irresistible. Read on to learn more about Johanna and Beautiful People in our interview, and see how you can win the 'Juliet' handbag for yourself!

Stylehive: I love the Shakespearean influence of your current collection- what else inspires you?
Johanna: I believe my inspiration comes mostly from my subconscious, which holds and combines together anything my eye€™s can see. It could be a picture, a person, any little insignificant item or come from greater inspiration sources like literature and art. There is no doubt that my designs are a reflection of my own life and the people/objects around me. A relaxed conversation with a friend about the weather can spark my imagination, which leads me to thinking about colors and textures, and create a picture in my mind of what Beautiful People€™s next collection should be.

Stylehive: How does your past work as a children's book illustrator influence your work at Beautiful People?
Johanna:The training and experience I have acquired as an illustrator has provided me with the tools to take abstract ideas and transform into a creative physical piece that can be appreciated by others, be it an illustration on paper or a beautiful leather handbag! The first steps when approaching a handbag design are very similar to those of approaching an illustration: I may have a very clear idea in my mind of what I want a handbag to look like, but I need to find a way for it to come to life, and that can take many attempts before it looks the way I intended it to. I like to think of my pieces as characters, all with different personalities and styles.

Stylehive: Do you think working as a family business has an effect on the way you approach handbag design?
Johanna: Absolutely! I design for my entire family. My thought on a collection is that it consists of a family of pieces that share a tight bond among them. Once I get a clear idea of what our collection will look like, I love sharing that information with everyone in order to get some feedback and more ideas, and right after that€¦I lock all of my studio doors to draft and not share a single sketch until I have completed most of the designs (otherwise we would never agree and the designing process would continue forever)!

Stylehive: What are some of your favorite Beautiful People styles for Spring?
Johanna: The lovely €œJuliet€� is my favorite bag for Spring. I love its free-spirited style and supple texture! For weekends, nothing like the practicality of €œTybalt€� and €œLittle Rose€� for the evening €“ very roomy and stylish!

Stylehive: Who are some of your favorite handbag designers?
Johanna: Carla Mancini, Marc Jacobs, Mulberry and Marni.

Stylehive: What are your future plans/goals for Beautiful People?
Johanna: Our goal is to create a legacy of our own to share with the today€™s €œyoung-at-heart€� woman! I, personally, have the passionate idea of seeing people connect and share our vision of the 21st Century woman through Beautiful People€™s accessories.

In order to win the Beautiful People 'Juliet' handbag, tell us IN COMMENTS:

What's your favorite Beautiful People handbag, and why? Click here to see them all.

We'll pick a winner this Friday. Best answer wins! Good luck!

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  • beforethehype

    beforethehype says

    Definitely, my favorite has to be Multitasking Maria. Seeing as I am the working professional, friendly babysitter, student. and counselor all in one, I think it suits me fine. It's big enough to carry around the diapers, tissues, and books I seem to be lugging on a daily basis. In addition to having a chic structure, it comes in a vast array of colors to fit my many moods or lack of due to fatigue. They were seriously thinking of me when they made this bag. lol

    96 months ago

  • mariruiz13

    mariruiz13 says

    My favorite is the Juliet bag. I love the circular design on the bag face. It has such a lovely, whimsical look that seems to embody all the simple pleasures of spring. It's bag definitely designed to bring a smile to the face of it's bearer.

    96 months ago

  • udaydream2 says

    My favorite is the Little Rose because it is small enough for evening while large enough to carry bmore than just my keys, lol. ...And oh soo pretty!

    96 months ago

  • salty1999

    salty1999 says

    Juliet is so beautiful. It's fantastic and sculptural with the beautiful rose detail.

    96 months ago

  • Foama

    Foama says

    Did my heart love till now? The Juliet bag in petra gold and green. For I ne'er saw true beauty till this handbag by my eyes was seen. O! It doth teach the torches to burn bright. Perfect to hang upon my arm both day and night.

    96 months ago

  • reboot

    reboot says

    Juliet is definitely my favorite. The abstract rose design is gorgeous, and immediately reminds me of Shakespeare (a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet). It's practical, yet still oh so romantic - built with enough room for any working woman, but whimsical enough to let us show our girly side! I've definitely fallen in love with it (and it looks so soft too!).

    96 months ago

  • GlamGal says

    I love the Lazy Yone weekender bag! It's so chic and really classic. I have to have something that holds all of my stuff...and there's a lot (wallet, keys, cosmetic case, sunglasses, etc) with enough room for a super cute pair of flats...just in case. This bag is perfect and quite roomy. A great everyday choice to compliment any casual outfit. Love it!

    96 months ago

  • insou2you says

    The Magaly - (Magaly # DS-1354_) especially in the white color shown, it's so striking with the silver accents! To me, this is a timeless and classic bag, that could go from the office to clubbing with no trouble at all. The fabrics of these bags is so beautiful, too....if I weren't on the dole I would just go ahead and order it - I think its classic elegance will stand the test of time!

    96 months ago

  • katygmorris says

    I love, love LOVE the Multitasking Maria in camel. What an awesome texture this collex has! I'm having a crush on all of this purse porn!!! What are you doing to me Hive??? (+) Totally Agree

    96 months ago

  • toetoe says

    I love the Maryann Bag. Its pretty and the perfect size.:x Love It! ^^ Hot! *!* Hivelicious

    96 months ago

  • violentfemme84

    violentfemme84 says

    My favorite is the Little Rose in Petra.I love the contouring and the chain. The length of the chain also makes it practical for running every day errands. And I love how it will look great for a sexy date or a day out shopping/at the flea market. It's like a hotter version of the wear-everywhere bag.

    96 months ago

  • slightlyawkward says

    The curvaceous silhouette of the Lady Capulet immediately caught my attention. The leather sash cinches the bag beautifully-- making it not just a bag, but an artistic expression.

    96 months ago

  • Brandi22 says

    It is a tough decision between the Mary Anne and the Rosaline bag. Although, The Rosaline bag in Onix is to die for! Long, lean, and slender like the Black Prince Snapdragon flower. Its clean lines give the vibe of pure naturalness. I can take this bag while on errands with my posh one-year-old baby girl. I can also take the Rosaline bag into night hours for a night out on the town! This bag will last through time! As for my baby girl, Ella Jane, I am sure she would love a vintage Beautiful People handbag when she reaches her teen years! Verry |-D Beautiful Capulet collection. I would love to own one! PEACE

    96 months ago

  • stylorita

    stylorita says

    I love the Little Rose bag in Strawberry red. A perfect mix of sophisticated and practical, it's got the vintage feel of 80s chain purses but modern sculptural pleating in gorgeous leather. What better way to represent Shakespeare than a Romantic Rose?

    96 months ago

  • 112151

    112151 says

    all her bags are delicious..I think the capulet is my fave!

    96 months ago

  • dividivadesign says

    Matilda is the one for me. I can keep my hands free to give a hug. In the pocket in front, I can fill with love letters and napkins to dry my happy tiers and a small teddy bear as a surprise for my grandchild. The style is chic and reminds me of my doughter Matilda. :x Love It!

    96 months ago

  • gerberbabies

    gerberbabies says

    I love the clean lines of the Lazy Yone weekender bag! There would be nothing lazy about it if it were mine! I would take it everywhere and become an overnight show-off!In camel or cotton, it's my favorite bag! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

    96 months ago

  • gerberbabies

    gerberbabies says

    I love the clean lines of the Lazy Yone weekender bag! There would be nothing lazy about it if it were mine! I would take it everywhere and become an overnight show-off!In camel or cotton, it's my favorite bag! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

    96 months ago

  • MICHMB61 says

    I love them all but if I was forced to pick my favorite it would be the little rose in any color! It sure takes on a life of it's own! I would love to win it! Thanks for this exciting giveaway!

    96 months ago

  • moddez says

    What a beautiful collection! As a new mother, I personally LOVE the Multitasking Maria! The name literally says it all! It would be great for the everyday baby essentials and could also hold the mommy essentials! I think that you still need something stylish to carry when you become a mom. This is definitely it as it doesn't compromise a fashionable look! Way to go Beautiful People Design! :x Love It!

    96 months ago

  • auntiethesis says

    I adore the Lazy Yone although I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be lazy if I owned it; I'd be giving that beautiful bag a workout. That's the kind of bag that whispers "Let's go shopping and do lunch" and is equally comfortable when you're wearing your clam diggers and Keds on a boat on a warm Saturday afternoon. While I like the white, that Spring Strawberry has me imagining all kinds of bright tops and capris to compliment that bag. A weekender bag is too limiting; the Lazy Yone would be a full week bag for me.

    96 months ago

  • deedreamer

    deedreamer says

    I absolutely love the Lady Capulet # DS-1299. It is so stylish and would compliment any outfit perfectly. The little tie gives it such character and makes it completely unique! I would probably carry this bag all the time, but it is so fabulous I do not think anyone would ever get sick of seeing me with it! I love the size and shape of the bag, not too big or too small, just perfect! The high quality leather makes this bag look really great and I will feel like a celebrity if I owned it! Love it! :x Love It! :x Love It! :x Love It! :x Love It! |-D Beautiful

    96 months ago

  • HipMomEB says

    my favorite is definitely the Lazy Yone!! I LOVE big slouchy bags, and the Lazy Yone is just what I love to carry around. Love it!

    96 months ago

  • ccboobooy says

    I really like the Large Tybalt # DS-1353. It seems so classic and feminine. That's the style that represents me. Thanks.

    96 months ago

  • girlwoman

    girlwoman says

    Little Rose for a Little Woman... Although Little Rose may look like the perfect after-hour handbag, it is also the perfect chic handbag for petite woman like me. Little Rose accentuates a petite woman’s silhouette, chic style, femininity, beauty, and glamour without overpowering or hiding a small-framed fashionista. From day to evening without skipping a beat.

    96 months ago

  • LilyBiscuit7 says

    I have to tell you my brief "Juliet" story! My pregnancy ultrasound result was "female". So, we picked Juliet as her name. Well, on February 28th of that year, "Michael", my son was born. I still love the name Juliet. Any way.....my pick at Beautiful People is "Magaly #DS-1354" in Cotton. I just love it. It's a bag I'd use everyday and it's beautiful! Thanks.

    96 months ago

  • fashionology

    fashionology says

    Little Rose is toooooo cute!!! I love the colors petra and strawberry! The purse alone adds the perfect femenine dose to any outfit. At the moment im in love with grungy jeans and leather vests/jackets, so the strawberry color purse would add the pop of color! Its perfect for spring. It would also look great with a sleek romper or a tiny flower printed dress! soo many ideas are flowing now! hope I win one!!! ;) Winking

    96 months ago

  • nayumi

    nayumi says

    It’s not very common for me to encounter a bag that so eagerly grasps my attention. In a flash of a second, Lady Capulet evokes a rush of euphoria in me; in a flash of a second, sparks fly and refuse to subside. The longing from simply admiring it from an unreachable distance elevates the glorious appeal. Is it the soft buttery leather? Is it the delicate bow in the center of the bag? I’m no haute couture and no designer, but I know good art when I see it. Why do we chase after beauty? I chase beauty because it inspires me. It pulls me from a gloomy reality and pushes me into a small world of perfection. Lady Capulet represents the grace and class that a girl possesses. Though I am far from possessing grace and class, I can glean vicarious pleasure through the care and craft put into this bag. In the end, it is not just a bag; it is a masterpiece of art that speaks to me alone, in the only way I can understand and appreciate. And I live a little happier.

    96 months ago

  • gka_a

    gka_a says

    Hi, AM sure, my girlfriend likes this bag as i found she carries all stuffs in a single bag. I can best explain like this.........Women can live without their handbags - this is a given. But who says they want to? Believe it or not, a handbag can be just as important - if not more important - than clothes. This is why shopping for handbags is as time-consuming an activity as shopping for clothes. The handbag may only be an accessory but get it in the wrong shape, size, and style or wear it wrong and it would surely ruin the look you are trying to pull. And when it's designer handbags we are talking about, the stakes go even higher. After all, a designer handbag is not something you buy and then discard once it disappoints.

    96 months ago

  • thebearwoman2004

    thebearwoman2004 says

    B-) Cool Hi kids, it's me, KrazyKate, looking for the ultimately perfect bag. My favorite one is the Big Bucket. Peachy name for such a useful quality bag. I would carry the apple green color all year round. It's striking in design and usefulness for an on the go woman like me. I carry everything in my bag and this one is the ultimate. I love the dual handles for ease in getting to my things inside. I bet my mini dachshund would fit inside too if I needed to carry her somewhere to keep her safe. Daisy would look good in green!! Thanks!!

    96 months ago

  • lisalila says

    BEAU.TI.FUL Having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight. Excellent; wonderful. This gorgeous line of bags from Johanna creates an aesthetic admiration amongst all the ladies. These bags have a freshness and purity to them that I have not seen before. If I were the lucky gal chosen to sport the delicious Lady Capulet around town; I can be sure that both Beatiful People Design and Stylehive would have a brand new fan base! “In the highlands, in the country places,where the old plain men have rosy faces and the young fair maidens quiet eyes.”

    96 months ago

  • faith24 says

    i absolutely love Little Rose- it is stylish, sweet, innocent and classic, all in one... i adore the shape of the rose flower! you can see how much meticulous work was put into creating each and every one of these bags.

    96 months ago

  • melynn02 says

    I love, love, love the Lady Capulet in the Strawberry color. The shape and size of the bag are a perfect combination. It's small, but not too small, and its big, but not too big. Its the perfect size for a day and night about an about around the town. The color of the strawberry just adds an extra something that just makes the bag perfect. I love color in a bag, and love it to represent who I am, and this bag does just that.

    96 months ago

  • RSpell

    RSpell says

    Love the Lady Capulet bag - the tie/bow on front is adorable. I like the ivory color.

    96 months ago

  • hazelj2961 says

    I love the Lazy Yone in either cotton or apple. This bag is awesome for people like me who are always in need of some extra space. Apple or cotton are both beautiful colors in the spring and a bag like this can fit a few extras in it if you don't know where your spring fever may lead you.;) Winking It is also great for ladies with children- take it to the park fit some hand wipes, bottle, whatever and still look awesome and stylish.

    96 months ago

  • rosiered says

    Definitely the Mary Anne.. My fav qoute is by Mary Anne Radmacher Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow. B-) Cool

    96 months ago

  • templejamie

    templejamie says

    The Grown Up Yone is perfect for me. Just the right size and LOVE the details on the sides. I'm a giant handbag girl. My friends joke and always ask me what I've got in my "suitcase" or "overnight bag"...the bigger the better :)

    96 months ago

  • prettylips says

    this collection is reaaly good and i love the Magaly bag it looks like somethingi would wear and the white one looks |-D Beautiful B-) Cool

    95 months ago