Bag Of The Week: Brahmin 'Pasha' Crossbody Bag

by Lisanne Silverman • Mar 3, 2010 9:25 AM PST

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Bag Of The Week: Brahmin 'Pasha' Crossbody Bag

Flipping through the latest issue of Vogue, I counted not one, not two, but three mentions of Brahmin handbags- and that was before page 400. Seriously, pick up the March issue if you want toned arms. It's that big. Anyway, the 'Pasha' crossbody bag caught my eye and I typed it into Google, fully prepared to find a four-digit price tag staring back at me - after all, sueded, croco-embossed leather and Vogue placement don't come cheaply. Instead, I was met with a reasonable $395, meaning I can put it on my realistic spring wishlist instead the overpopulated one I like to call "Keep Dreaming Or Win The Lottery." Sweet!

What: the Brahmin 'Pasha' Crossbody Bag
Price: $395
Where to Buy:
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  • KittyDee says

    LOVE that bag! Should probably use a purse hook to keep it off the ground.... The croc detailing is really amazing and the color is great... 3198

    85 months ago

  • BangkokBunny says

    What a cross body bag! great bag patterns, great shoulder bag as well. and its a real hold all bag. I just love oversized bags.

    76 months ago