Get Physical In Fall's Gym-Inspired Looks

by Lisanne Silverman • Sep 4, 2009 12:19 PM PDT

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Get Physical In Fall's Gym-Inspired Looks

You don't have to run marathons or have a relationship with the Stairmaster to appreciate fall's athletic-inspired looks. Just look at Isabel Marant's fall '09 runway, where sweatshirt tees go from gym to glam when paired with layered skirts and embellished ankle boots. Alexander Wang has been taking sweatpants out of the gym for a few seasons now, and given their slouchy, not sloppy cut, they could almost pass as dress pants if worn with heels and a blazer- just don't tell your boss you slept in them the night before. On a budget? American Eagle and Free People can hook you up without the pricey membership. The key is to look for pieces with unexpectedly luxe touches (like cashmere or sequins), or pair casual ones with something more polished- in other words, leave the sneakers at home. Click the slideshow for more ways to get the look!

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