Beauty Pick Me Up - Winter Nails

by Ida Hsiang • Dec 8, 2010 4:59 AM PST

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Beauty Pick Me Up - Winter Nails

Despite their small size, our nails actually make up a large part of our look. Whether you go for a clean and bare look, or are the type to try the latest crazy manicure trends, the state and color of our nails play a large role. This winter, make the right statement with your nail polish. With the holiday season upon us, it's a great time to try something a little flashier and festive, or opt for a dark shade that is at once chic and mirrors the somber days of winter. We've chosen our five favorite shades for the winter and holiday season. Click the slideshow!

Metallic - Metallics like gold, silver and bronze are definitely in from handbags to outerwear. A metallic manicure is a fun way to add a little shine to a holiday emsemble, or just as a way to stay festive on any given day!

Dark Purple - Deep purple shades were once seen as a mark for royalty, and for good reason! A dark violet is softer than harsh black or navy blue and gives an air of instant sophistication. A very regal hue, dark purple is not only perfect for that office party outfit, but as a day to day winter shade as well!

Bright Red - It's a classic. Bold, sexy and feminine, bright red nails are definitely eye-catching. At once sensual and retro, a slick cherry red amps up any ensemble and makes even the most casual outfits look polished and pulled together. Just remember to use a fresh layer of top coat every couple of days to keep the nails looking fresh and shiny!

Greige - What? Yes. Greige. It's a mix between grey and beige, giving the ever versatile nude polish a modern and chic makeover. It elongates fingers and matches every thing. It's simple, clean and polished and the added touch of grey makes it more winter appropriate.

Glitter Top Coat - A truly fun and festive way to partake in the current metallic trend! Brush on a layer of gold or silver flecked top coat to any nail color and you're instantly party ready! With so much glitz in just your nails, who needs any other accessories? Try the glitter look with everyday jeans for added shine!

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