Gloria Steinem Puts a Price on Male Chivalry (And It's a Lot!)

by Shira Levine • Feb 20, 2008 5:46 PM PST
Gloria Steinem Puts a Price on Male Chivalry (And It's a Lot!)

I caught up with the fabulous feminist Gloria Steinem at a recent Glamour Magazine event in New York City. I got to ask the 73-year old icon about the sorry state of superthin celebs, her own battle with the bulge, and the price of having a door opened for you by a man! Hint: It's in the five figures, so the next time a guy tries to be all chivalrous, don't get sucked in. It's a trick!

Stylehive: How do you feel when you see all these too thin celebrities?

GS It is disturbing. They didn't invent this. They are conforming to what is an anthropological pattern in which in male dominant cultures where rich cultures value thin women and poor cultures value fat women and all male dominant cultures value weak women. The thing is to fight and change the structures and not blame the women who are suffering because it and will have infinite health problems through their life because of it."

Stylehive: Have you struggled with weight yourself?

GS: Yes absolutely. I come from a very, very, very overweight family so I have always been conscious of it and try to stay healthy. I am a vegetarian. I try to eat in a healthy way and not go on too many sugar binges. I exercise and I do yoga.

Stylehive: How does it feel to be regarded as one the most amazing women in contemporary history?

GS: I don't believe it for a minute. Not to be corny about it, but we are each unique in our own ways.

Stylehive: Would you have ever imagined you would be the poster woman for feminism as a young girl?

GS:No, absolutely not. And I still don't believe it. I still get up in the morning and get my own dry cleaning.

Stylehive: Are there any traditionally chauvinistic values you secretly enjoy?

GS:The only way you can be non feminist is to be a masochist and I am not a masochist. If a man opens a door for you and it costs you $15,000 in salary, it's not worth it. Feminism is about the power to make a choice. If I choose it, by definition it's feminist.

Stylehive: What advice do you have for women today?

GS:There's almost nothing we can do that is completely right so we should do what we f---ing well please.

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