Style Surprise: 10 Smart Maxi Dresses With Summer Sex Appeal

by Amelia Parry • Jun 11, 2008 8:16 AM PDT
Style Surprise: 10 Smart Maxi Dresses With Summer Sex Appeal

Just because a dress is long and covers your stems, doesn€™t mean it can€™t be sexy €“ after all, leaving something to the imagination can be awfully alluring. Maxi (or long) dresses are all the rage for summer €“ while the airy skirt still keeps you cool, there€™s the added protection from UV rays as an added bonus, if you€™re worried about that kind of thing. My friend Catherine is €“ she just spent the weekend at the beach and came home with a nasty, splotchy, and painful burn all over the tops of her shins, so she€™ll be living in dresses like these for the rest of the summer. Click SEE SLIDESHOW for 10 dresses she'll be trying on in the next few days....

Amelia and Catherine are the voices behind The Frisky, a sex and relationships blog and webzine which tackles all of life€™s essentials €“ from dating to cohabitating, celebrities to fashion €“ with a sexy, naughty, and fun-filled twist.

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  • marlee36

    marlee36 says

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    90 months ago